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Al Hirschfeld Theater:  302 W 45 St [Jujam], 1437 seats (743 orch)  {fka Martin Beck} Moulin Rouge (7/25/19-open run)

Ambassador Theater:  219 W 49 St. [Shub],  1125 seats (602 orch) Chicago (reOp: 1/29/03-open run)


Boneau/Bryan‑Brown: 1501 Bway, #1314, NYC 10036. 212‑575 3030.  Staff: Chris Boneau, Adrian Bryan‑Brown, Melissa Cohen (mcohen@, Michelle Farabaugh (mfarabaugh@, Jackie Green (jgreen@, Kelly Guiod (kguiod@, Linnae Hodzic (lhodzic@ Amy Kass (akass@, Holly Kinney (hkinney@, Joe Perrotta (jperrotta@, Imani Punch (ipunch@, Amanda Sales (asales@ Heath Schwartz (hschwartz@, Susanne Tighe (stighe@, Angela Yamarone (ayamarone@ (Book of Mormon, Chicago, Harry Potter, King Kong, Mean Girls, Waitress)


PrvSept. 24SOFT POWERPublic: 425 Lafayette St.Public 212-539-8624To Nov. 3
OpSept. 24OUR DEAR DEAD DRUG…WP: 2162 Bway (W 76)Vivacity 212-812-1483To Oct. 20
PrvSept. 26BAB(OO)SHKA14th Street Y: 344 E. 14 St.Michelle Tabnick 646-765-4773To Oct. 6


One-Act Solos. Auths: Simon Stephens (Agt: Casarotto) / Nick Payne (Agt: Curtis Brown UK 011-44-207-393-4246). Dir: Carrie Cracknell.Set: Laura Jellinek. Cost: Kaye Voyce. Light:Guy Hoare. Music: Stuart Earl.Cast: Tom Sturridge / Jake Gyllenhaal.Plots: Man wants to know the unknowable / How we say goodbye.Notes: Show ran 1/26-3/24/19 at OB’s Public Theater.
PROD: Nine Stories (Jake Gyllenhaal, prod), Ambassador Theater Group, Seaview Productions, Benjamin Lowy Productions & Public Theater (Oscar Eustis, art dir; Patrick Willingham, exec dir. 425 Lafayette St., NYC. Rubenstein (Amy Jacobs. 212-843-8077. ajacobs@ Theater: 141 West 44 St.Prev: July 26, 2019. Op: Aug. 8, 2019.To: Sept. 29, 2019
Musical. Book: Roger Allers & Irene Mecchi. Music: Elton John (Agt: Sherry Thomas 310-858-8300). Lyrics: Tim Rice. Add’l Music & Lyrics: Lebo M (c/o 818-905- 6261), Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor & Hans Zimmer (Agt: Sam Schwartz: 818-260-8500; ctoffice@
Dir: Julie Taymor (Agt: CAA: 310-288-4545); Choreog: Garth Fagan. Music Dir: Joseph Church
Set: Richard Hudson; Lighting: Donald Holder; Cost: Michael Curry; Make-Up:Michael Ward; Sound: Tony Meola; Music Prod: Chris Montan; Orchestr: Robert Elhai, David Metzger, Bruce Fowler
Music Coord: Michael Keller.
Casting: Jay Binder: 321 W 44 St, #606, NYC 10036. 212-586-6777.
Plot: Ruling lions versus upstart hyenas in the jungle.
History: Op 7/8/97 at Minneapolis, MI’s Orpheum.
AWD: 1998 DDESK Mus Feat Actress (Le Loka), Mus Dir (Taymor), Cost (Taymor), Choreog (Fagan); Set (Hudson), Light (Holder), Sound (Meola), Puppets (Taymor/Curry). 1998 OCC: Mus Feat Actress (Le Loka), Musical Dir (Taymor), Choreog (Fagan), Set (Hudson), Cost (Taymor), Light (Holder). 1998 TONY: Musical, Mus Dir (Taymor), Choreog (Fagan), Set (Hudson), Cost (Taymor), Light (Holder).
PROD: Walt Disney Theatrical Productions (Peter Schneider & Thomas Schumacher, prods; 1450 Bway, #300, NYC 10018; 212-827-5412; Assoc Prod: Donald B. Frantz.
PSM: Ron Vodicka. Tech Sup: David Benken;
OCR: Walt Disney Records.
ADV: Serino Coyne 212-626-2700.
GM: Alan Levey 818-955-6823 & Todd Lacy 212-827-5400.
Note: Taymor directed the films “Titus Andronicus” and “Frida.” Lion King is the third-longest running Bway show of all time (behind Phantom & Chicago).
PERFS:33prev/9,000reg (6/6/19)AUD: 8+ (length, mild violence, death).
PR: Disney (Dennis Crowley): 1450 Bway, NYC 10018. 212-827-5425; dennis.m.crowley@
Minskoff Theater [Ned}: 200 W 45 St.Ran 11/13/97-6/4/06 at New Amster-dam. ReOp: June 13, 2006 at Minskoff. Open run