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Al Hirschfeld Theater:  302 W 45 St [Jujam], 1437 seats (743 orch)  {fka Martin Beck} Kinky Boots (4/4/13-open run)

Ambassador Theater:  219 W 49 St. [Shub],  1125 seats (602 orch) Chicago (reOp: 1/29/03-open run)


Boneau/Bryan‑Brown: 1501 Bway, #1314, NYC 10036. 212‑575 3030.  Staff: Chris Boneau, Adrian Bryan‑Brown, Melissa Cohen (mcohen@, Michelle Farabaugh (mfarabaugh@, Jackie Green (jgreen@, Kelly Guiod (kguiod@, Linnae Hodzic (lhodzic@ Amy Kass (akass@, Holly Kinney (hkinney@, Joe Perrotta (jperrotta@, Imani Punch (ipunch@, Amanda Sales (asales@ Heath Schwartz (hschwartz@, Susanne Tighe (stighe@, Angela Yamarone (ayamarone@ (Book of Mormon, Chicago, Choir Boy, Head Over Heels, Harry Potter, Ink, King Kong, Mean Girls, Mike Birbiglia, Nap, Once on this Island, Play that Goes Wrong, SpongeBob, Summer, Waitress)


Op Oct. 25 NICETIES, THE MTC at City Center: W 55 St. Boneau/BB 212-575-3030 Limited run
Prv Oct. 25 WHEN WE WENT ELECT Tank: 312 W 36 St. Emily Owens 917-562-5670 Op Oct. 27
End Oct. 25 Vandals Tank: 312 W 36 St. Will Hand 707-205-9791 Closes


Drama. Auths: Jeremy Kareken ( & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell (c/o NYU), adapting John D’Agata & Jim Fingal essay, “What Happens There.” Dir: Leigh Silverman (c/o Playwrights Horizons).
Cost: Linda Cho (linda@ Agt: Summit). Light: Jen Schriever ( Agt: Rolfe 212-757-6756). Sound: Palmer Hefferan ( Agt: Abrams 646-461-9383). Proj: Lucy MacKinnon ( Agt: UTA).
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe (Jim. Agt: UTA 310-273-6700), Cherry Jones (Emily. Agt: WME 310-285-9000), Bobby Cannavale (John. Agt: WME 310-285-9000)
Plot: Fact-checker works with a journalist who’s invented most of his story.
Notes: 90 min. World Premiere. Radcliffe was filmdom’s Harry Potter. Jones won acting Tonys for The Heiress and Doubt. Cannavale was in OB’s The Hairy Ape. Silverman was Tony nommed for staging Violet.
PROD: Jeffrey Richards (180 W 58 St, NYC 10019. 212-489-6745. jeffrey@, Norman and Deanna Twain, Will Trice, Barbara
Freitag (c/o 212-265-9659), Gold/Ross Productions, Jennifer Manocherian, Primeiro Productions, ManGol Productions, Jamie deRoy, Eric Falkenstein/Suzanne Grant, Carl Moellenberg/Wendy Federman, Ken Greiner, Van Kaplan, Dominick LaRuffa Jr., Marc David Levine, Caiola Productions, Remmel T. Dickinson (1 Tree Tops Lane, Little Rock, AR, 72202; 501-664-0082), WitzEnd Productions.
PR: Polk & Co. (Lauren Murphy): 1650 Bway, #602, NYC 10019. 917-261-3988. lauren@
Studio 54 [Rou]: 254 West 54 St. 212-239-6200 Prev: Sept. 20, 2018. Op: Oct. 18, 2018. To: Jan. 13, 2019
Musical. Book: Roger Allers & Irene Mecchi. Music: Elton John (Agt: Sherry Thomas 310-858-8300). Lyrics: Tim Rice. Add’l Music & Lyrics: Lebo M (c/o 818-905- 6261), Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor & Hans Zimmer (Agt: Sam Schwartz: 818-260-8500; ctoffice@
Dir: Julie Taymor (Agt: CAA: 310-288-4545); Choreog: Garth Fagan. Music Dir: Joseph Church
Set: Richard Hudson; Lighting: Donald Holder; Cost: Michael Curry; Make-Up: Michael Ward; Sound: Tony Meola; Music Prod: Chris Montan; Orchestr: Robert Elhai, David Metzger, Bruce Fowler
Music Coord: Michael Keller.
Casting: Jay Binder: 321 W 44 St, #606, NYC 10036. 212-586-6777.
Plot: Ruling lions versus upstart hyenas in the jungle.
History: Op 7/8/97 at Minneapolis, MI’s Orpheum.
AWD: 1998 DDESK Mus Feat Actress (Le Loka), Mus Dir (Taymor), Cost (Taymor), Choreog (Fagan); Set (Hudson), Light (Holder), Sound (Meola), Puppets (Taymor/Curry). 1998 OCC: Mus Feat Actress (Le Loka), Musical Dir (Taymor), Choreog (Fagan), Set (Hudson), Cost (Taymor), Light (Holder). 1998 TONY: Musical, Mus Dir (Taymor), Choreog (Fagan), Set (Hudson), Cost (Taymor), Light (Holder).
PROD: Walt Disney Theatrical Productions (Peter Schneider & Thomas Schumacher, prods; 1450 Bway, #300, NYC 10018; 212-827-5412; Assoc Prod: Donald B. Frantz.
PSM: Ron Vodicka. Tech Sup: David Benken;
OCR: Walt Disney Records.
ADV: Serino Coyne 212-626-2700.
GM: Alan Levey 818-955-6823 & Todd Lacy 212-827-5400.
Note: Taymor directed the films “Titus Andronicus” and “Frida.” Lion King is the third-longest running Bway show of all time (behind Phantom & Chicago).
PERFS: 33prev/8,671reg (9/9/18)
AUD: 8+ (length, mild violence, death).
PR: Disney (Dennis Crowley): 1450 Bway, NYC 10018. 212-827-5425; dennis.m.crowley@
Minskoff Theater [Ned}: 200 W 45 St. Ran 11/13/97-6/4/06 at New Amster-dam. ReOp: June 13, 2006 at Minskoff. Open run